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cout << "Hello World";
Today is ddao's birthday. Woot! The Labor Day weekend has been real boring. Nothing but work. I did hang out with an old friend of mine and his gf though. That was fun. His BD is in a week and I still have no gift for him yet :\ I'm thinking about getting him an nForce2 MB since hes planning on building a new system. Or maybe I'll get him some porn :P

I'm trying to gain weight so I'm back on the Massive Eating diet. Finding it hard to fit in 4100 cals a day though. Trying to keep my food sources clean so I don't put on too much fat. I've been following the 30c 40p 30f plan. Blah my family has no fucking meat in the house wtf.

I watched this 2 episode sampler DVD I got from Bestbuy for the tv show 24. It's real exciting to watch. I'm planning on buying the series DVD when it comes out. When it was on TV I found it hard to get into since I missed out on the first few episodes. Now that I know what is going on I'm real interested.

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Depending on your compiler environment, #include <stdio> may be required in a "hello world" program.

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