Lunchbox Special #42 - Moo Goo Gai Pan

Available until 3:00PM only.

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Work sucked.

If you ever decide to sell text books on Amazon make sure to ship the books via "Media Mailer" through USPS. I learned that only after shipping 1 Precalc book for $12 via priority and 1 Solutions Manual for $10.50 at UPS :(. I ended up making only $5 for that solutions manual.

You know your addicted to coffee when you use a cup of joe to fall asleep. Seriously, coffee keeps me up for like 10 minutes then I start to slip into a coma. So now coffee has two uses for me. Coffee enema and coffee tranquilizers. This movie Once Upon a Time in Mexico looks like it could be fun. I know it has nothing to do with the movie but you should check out Once Upon A Time in China. There are like 5 of them and you can see Jet Li do his stuff.

School starts up in 6 days...

Damn that gopher dances better than I do :\

Funny Aim Conversation :P
An noor78 (1:18:24 PM): woot
An noor78 (1:19:43 PM): VO
An noor78 (1:19:55 PM): Did you put a nasty pic on our company site
An noor78 (1:19:56 PM): ?
m0og0ogaipan (1:20:10 PM): uh no
An noor78 (1:20:14 PM):
m0og0ogaipan (1:20:15 PM): don't u remember
An noor78 (1:20:20 PM): click it damn it
m0og0ogaipan (1:20:27 PM): when we edited the info
m0og0ogaipan (1:20:30 PM): we put in a url to test
m0og0ogaipan (1:20:32 PM): that it worked
m0og0ogaipan (1:20:35 PM): and i put in
An noor78 (1:20:42 PM): damn you
m0og0ogaipan (1:20:48 PM): it's not even a real pic
An noor78 (1:20:51 PM): when I checked it last night
An noor78 (1:20:56 PM): my dad was here
An noor78 (1:21:00 PM): !!!!
m0og0ogaipan (1:21:01 PM): if u look closely u will realize the guy has 2 assholes
m0og0ogaipan (1:21:03 PM): hahahhh
m0og0ogaipan (1:21:05 PM): are u serious
An noor78 (1:21:08 PM): YES
m0og0ogaipan (1:21:09 PM): omg
m0og0ogaipan (1:21:12 PM): hahaha
m0og0ogaipan (1:21:17 PM): damnn
An noor78 (1:21:19 PM): I was embarrased like I donlt know wahat
An noor78 (1:21:20 PM): what
m0og0ogaipan (1:21:27 PM): ur dad probably thinks ur a flamer now
An noor78 (1:21:33 PM): Thanks alot
m0og0ogaipan (1:21:33 PM): hahah
An noor78 (1:21:39 PM): he used to when I was 18
m0og0ogaipan (1:21:45 PM): lolll
An noor78 (1:21:50 PM): he asked me, "are you gay?"
m0og0ogaipan (1:21:53 PM): good thing i didnt change it to the other site
An noor78 (1:21:58 PM): DAMN
An noor78 (1:21:59 PM): MNA
An noor78 (1:22:01 PM): MAN



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