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All nighters are the suck
I'm getting to old for these. My bones ache... Where are all the hot naked chicks?

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All nighters as in work or all nighters as in I have a massive project or test to be ready for by tomorrow? Hmm well sorry bout those hot naked chicks, I know a few people who might be able to help with that though I'm not in direct contact with um. If I find um I'll send them on your way. ;)

As in oh crap exam tommorrow for a class I haven't been to in weeks :\ I'll be waiting for those naked chicks :P

Excuse me, but hot naked chicks are Blur's shtick. Unfortunately, copyright laws will necessitate the changing of your statement to something different, yet perhaps similar. How about "Cool undressed girls" or "comfort-tempered scantily-clad females". Hmmph!

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