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School Starts == No sleep for me.
Well classes started today. I went to school but didn't have enough coffee to keep me up so I was falling asleep after the first 15 minutes. I got out early today but starting next week Wednesdays are going to be ~12 hour days :( I've pretty much scheduled all my classes MWF. That is if I can get in this one Spanish course that is currently full. Usually there are 4 or 5 open seats and they let you in but I'll know for sure next week when that class starts. There are so many MILFs in the Spanish department it's not even funny. LOL.

I'd Hit it!

I had pho for lunch woot!

I picked up my copy of LOTR: TTT yesterday. This movie is great. Lots of action. The simulation program they created for this movie is amazing. Rendering that many characters on-screen is quite a feat on it's own but giving each character it's own will is genius.

I haven't had time/desire to get to the gym much. I think in 3-4 weeks I'll finish off lactic acid training and switch over to a 5 x 5 strength gaining plan 3 days a week for a couple of months. I think that was a run on sentence :\

This is a good deal on a DVD+R burner.

It's $99 after a $20 MIR(Mail in rebate).

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You really did have to use a large animated GIF in your post...

Sorry Blur :P I forgot that my entry comes up on your friends page. I edited my post and linked to the huge animated gif instead.

That's OK, it's also possible to use a cut tag to hide parts of an entry.

Thanks pal I'll be sure to keep those tags in mind.

You seem to use the post new comment link rather than the reply link. Just an observation.

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