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Bugs Scare me :\
The Fall semester starts up Wednesday. I don't think I'm ready to go back. I went to school the whole summer and now I'm ready for some relaxation. Bah!

Yeah so centipedes are nasty little creatures. They have all those legs and move so fast. You squish half their body and they still run around. Actually I have a fear of most bugs. Yep, I'm a sissy.

I did a search on google based on some of my old e-mail addys. Apparently I was a spammer. LOL. I even spammed the Douglas Adams newsgroup with a friend of mine :\ That just reminds me of that Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy text adventure game. It was so fun and the puzzles were off the wall.

I think I need to bump up the number of carbs I've been taking in. I've been feeling real fatigued and I'm looking real flat.

Why do people feel the need to throw things out their window on the highway? Some guy did this to me today. He was throwing what looked like starburst and that shit was bouncing up and hitting my windshield. After the 2nd piece hit he pissed me off so I basically ran him off the road. I cut off 3 people in the process so I got honked at by 3 people at the same time. We could have all been dead but it was worth it. Fucker! Keep in mind he was in the far left lane and their was half a shoulder on his left and then it was the median and those sun blockers. Fucker!

Check out Yahoo's new blogging service.
Let's all look for hot Korean girls to talk to. If you use babelfish you can get a really bad translation of the page :P

Geocities works pretty well for simple pic hosting. If you want to hotlink to the pic just change the extension of the pic to .txt.

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One of Florida's freeways is notorious for the amount of trash that piles up on it. There was an accident where a metal rod punctured the floor of a guy's car and impaled his leg. Officials believe some of the trash comes from the residents living beside the freeway, not just items which falls off vehicles.

OK I will work on my slight road rage problem, but I know for a fact that guy was throwing things at me :( I am definately working on becoming a safe driver.

What kind of vehicle do you drive and does it induce people to throw trash at it?

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