Lunchbox Special #42 - Moo Goo Gai Pan

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It's been a while
How is everyone? :P

An update!
Yay update! Let's seeeeee. Got some top secret projects I'm working on. Stay tuned...

Get a free poster at They are giving out 500 every night. I got mine already :P

I saw Janet Jacksons boob. is gone :\

I like to play strip solitaire. I lose a lot :\

All nighters are the suck
I'm getting to old for these. My bones ache... Where are all the hot naked chicks?


m0og0ogaipan ! HaaRR! If you decide to play look for me. My character name is "Vagitarian".

Yay I have electricity again!

Excuse me but I'm in need of medical attention!
Well, it has been a busy week. School is draining the life out of me. OMG the hottest girls go to the gym. It's hard to keep from dropping the weights when these women do their stretches right in front of you :P. Well I added this african studies class to my schedule. The professor seems to be anti-American and anti-Christian. So he will go into these little rants about why such and such is better.

Overall I think he's a nice guy. I guess it's hard to keep from being biased when it's a class on African religions. People can be touchy when it comes to their beliefs. A friend and I got into an altercation with some girl in our class. She is the kind of student that likes to ask questions just so it looks like she is smarter than she is. So we're taking a fucking map test and she wont shut up so my friend says some things and blah. It wasn't pretty. I think I'll apologize next time I see her just because I felt pretty bad about the whole situation. Not to mention this was just the 2nd time I went to the class. I just added this class Tuesday. Bah! The professor screwed me over however. He added me into his General African Studies class and not the African Religions class. So now I have to deal with this :(.

I need a new job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

My coffee addiction has reemerged in full force. I've put on about 3 - 4 pounds since my last post. Most of it is water weight though.

cout << "Hello World";
Today is ddao's birthday. Woot! The Labor Day weekend has been real boring. Nothing but work. I did hang out with an old friend of mine and his gf though. That was fun. His BD is in a week and I still have no gift for him yet :\ I'm thinking about getting him an nForce2 MB since hes planning on building a new system. Or maybe I'll get him some porn :P

I'm trying to gain weight so I'm back on the Massive Eating diet. Finding it hard to fit in 4100 cals a day though. Trying to keep my food sources clean so I don't put on too much fat. I've been following the 30c 40p 30f plan. Blah my family has no fucking meat in the house wtf.

I watched this 2 episode sampler DVD I got from Bestbuy for the tv show 24. It's real exciting to watch. I'm planning on buying the series DVD when it comes out. When it was on TV I found it hard to get into since I missed out on the first few episodes. Now that I know what is going on I'm real interested.

School Starts == No sleep for me.
Well classes started today. I went to school but didn't have enough coffee to keep me up so I was falling asleep after the first 15 minutes. I got out early today but starting next week Wednesdays are going to be ~12 hour days :( I've pretty much scheduled all my classes MWF. That is if I can get in this one Spanish course that is currently full. Usually there are 4 or 5 open seats and they let you in but I'll know for sure next week when that class starts. There are so many MILFs in the Spanish department it's not even funny. LOL.

I'd Hit it!

I had pho for lunch woot!

I picked up my copy of LOTR: TTT yesterday. This movie is great. Lots of action. The simulation program they created for this movie is amazing. Rendering that many characters on-screen is quite a feat on it's own but giving each character it's own will is genius.

I haven't had time/desire to get to the gym much. I think in 3-4 weeks I'll finish off lactic acid training and switch over to a 5 x 5 strength gaining plan 3 days a week for a couple of months. I think that was a run on sentence :\

This is a good deal on a DVD+R burner.

It's $99 after a $20 MIR(Mail in rebate).

Bugs Scare me :\
The Fall semester starts up Wednesday. I don't think I'm ready to go back. I went to school the whole summer and now I'm ready for some relaxation. Bah!

Yeah so centipedes are nasty little creatures. They have all those legs and move so fast. You squish half their body and they still run around. Actually I have a fear of most bugs. Yep, I'm a sissy.

I did a search on google based on some of my old e-mail addys. Apparently I was a spammer. LOL. I even spammed the Douglas Adams newsgroup with a friend of mine :\ That just reminds me of that Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy text adventure game. It was so fun and the puzzles were off the wall.

I think I need to bump up the number of carbs I've been taking in. I've been feeling real fatigued and I'm looking real flat.

Why do people feel the need to throw things out their window on the highway? Some guy did this to me today. He was throwing what looked like starburst and that shit was bouncing up and hitting my windshield. After the 2nd piece hit he pissed me off so I basically ran him off the road. I cut off 3 people in the process so I got honked at by 3 people at the same time. We could have all been dead but it was worth it. Fucker! Keep in mind he was in the far left lane and their was half a shoulder on his left and then it was the median and those sun blockers. Fucker!

Check out Yahoo's new blogging service.
Let's all look for hot Korean girls to talk to. If you use babelfish you can get a really bad translation of the page :P

Geocities works pretty well for simple pic hosting. If you want to hotlink to the pic just change the extension of the pic to .txt.


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